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Mitigation of Poverty and Hunger (Livelihood Support)

Over the years CASA has been working towards the livelihood of people at the grass root level. CASA in terms of generating livelihood initiatives has introduced various projects for the community considering their marginalised and poor livelihood.

CASA Activities:

  • Implementation of several social security schemes and employment guarantee scheme (MGNREGA and several other schemes.)
  • CASA conducts skill development activities for income generation to improve livelihood of marginalized communities.
  • Capacity building activity for vulnerable community.
  • CASA provides access to agricultural extension schemes-Linkages with KVK and other agriculture institutes.
  • Strengthening people’s participation through GPDP (Gram Panchayat Development Plan).
  • To prevent migration and help farmers recover from suicidal attempts CASA initiated ‘Farmers’ Suicide Mitigation and Recovery’ in Beed, Maharashtra. To sustain the agricultural activities of farmers in this area CASA introduced the following approaches:
    1. Behavioral Changes and Awareness Programs for farmers
    2. Building Physical Infrastructure for farmers
    3. Agricultural Trainings for farmers
    4. Distribution of Agricultural Resources to farmers
  • CASA also does Agriculture promotion; Disaster Risk Reduction; promoting alternate livelihood opportunities; promoting health and nutrition status; access to entitlements etc. like:
    1. Collective Farming with improved agricultural practices
    2. Organic Farming
    3. Lac Cultivation
    4. Country Chicken and poultry farming
    5. Goat Rearing
    6. Weaving of bamboo baskets
    7. Collection of NTFP under FRA
    8. Fish farming
    9. Skill building for women to initiate local economic activity
  • Identification of women farmers for capacity building and benefits under different schemes.
  • CASA ensures coverage of pregnant and lactating women, adolescent girls under ICDS supplementary nutrition programme; communities under PDS.
  • Building Capacity of the communities for adaptation to climate change.