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Health and Nutrition

CASA has been relentlessly working to uplift good health and well-being among the underprivileged. CASA believes good health and good nutrition is the right to every human being. The already suffering and the poor needs to be attended and support and prepare them to tackle unhealthy outcomes.

Disease like Lymphatic Filariasis is one of the unforeseen diseases which has a lifetime of repercussions, a crippling infestation of an infectious parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes causing permanent or temporary disabilities affects humans in many ways – mostly on the lower portion of the body. Flies infect humans with roundworms in blood stream which further breeds and attack the lymphatic system of the body. This crippling disease is very prevalent in Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and other tropical states of India. CASA extensively provides medical care and teaches disease management techniques to its patients.


CASA Activities:

  • CASA provides medical attention to underprivileged patients in curing/controlling Lymphatic Filariasis.
  • CASA also helps the deprived to access the available government schemes like:
    1. upplementary Nutrition under ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services)
    2. Promoting Kitchen Garden nutrition
    3. Providing Mid-Day meals
    4. JSY- Janani Suraksha Yojana (A safe motherhood intervention)
    5. Public Distribution System under NFSA (National Food Security Act, 2013)