The Dreamers of Satna

These women  from a small district of Madhya Pradesh didn’t imagine that the fuel they use to cook in their kitchen would give fire to their dream- from homemakers to becoming entrepreneurs of a successful all women E-catering business.   



By Prerna Lall
Interns | CASA Communications

The women of Satna, Madhya Pradesh organised a Self Help Group to commence their own business. When Jamuni Bai and Munni Saket, leaders of the group shared their vision, CASA along with Anupama Education Society became genies for them and gave the platform to showcase their talent for a  livelihood. They collected information about the E-catering of the Indian Railways (IRCTC) and members of the group were given proper training to improve their skills in making meals and marketing.

Since IRCTC is tied up with a lot of renowned restaurants for E-catering, it was not easy for a new fish in the pond to survive. Against all odds ‘Sakhi Bhoj’ was launched in November 2017 in Satna. Their first online order of Rs. 17000/- from IRCTC was just the first step on the ladder of success. “It was a very happy moment for us who are engaged in Sakhi Bhoj Programme”, said one of the members.

Although the journey from the first order to a successful online catering business was not smooth, but they were able to make Rs. 1000/- per day. “We only started as a small business, but we never knew that our business would grow so fast”, says one of the partners of the Sakhi Bhoj thrilled with the achievement. “Some women of the group prepare khurchan (Sweet dish from milk) at their home and send it to the catering shop at Satna through which we made Rs. 5.5 lakh by the end of December. We are experiencing better results everyday and this has elevated our social and economic status.” 

By linking the group directly to IRCTC, CASA paved the way for these women to become self-sufficient and put Sakhi Bhoj at the threshold with other famous restaurants in this business. Each day these women have kept their nose to the grindstone to make Sakhi Bhoj a triumph earning Rs.30,000 per month today. Who says heroes are only those who wear capes, some wear aprons too.