Gender justice and youth engagement gained more spotlight at the highest governance body of the Alliance where representatives/ leaders from all145+ ACT members stood united for the cause. Moments after taking over the Moderator baton from Dr Sushant Agrawal, Birgitte QvistSørensen in her interview with CASA India revealed as to what “inspired” her to contest for the position.

 By Isha Banerjee | reporting from Uppsala
CASA Communications

“Gender campaign is why I actually wanted to be a moderator. I always wanted to work for the gender justice issue because I see so many countries and places including my own country Denmark where women are not equally represented, don’t have equal voice or equal rights. The issue to work for equality and gender justice is very close to my heart. My role as a moderator would be to actually get the gender justice campaign moving,” she said.

Dr. Sushant Agrawal moderating a session at the General Assembly. Photo credit/ACTAlliance

She further adds on that “the world is not going in a very positive direction; therefore it becomes very important for us to have a stronger alliance with a strong voice.” Calling her predecessor a “visionary moderator”, Sorensen said that “Dr Sushant Agrawal did an amazing job as a moderator and I hope I can fill in his shoes. I think the alliance has moved forward in the last four years under his leadership.”

Congratulating the new moderator for her exceptional vision, Dr Sushant Agrawal, who served as the moderator from 2014-18, said that he is extremely happy to pass the leadership baton giving a strong guiding message to the new board.

CASA India Director Sushant Agrawal meets United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Jane Mohammed and talk about the role of local regional actors playing a crucial role in the agenda for sustainable development at the ongoing 3rd ACT Alliance General Assembly in Uppsala, Sweden. Photo credit/ACTAlliance

“My best wishes are with the new board. They must keep in mind that the world is changing very fast and ACT Alliance also needs to be flexible. The socio-political challenges are emerging very rapidly. I think the bigger challenge for ACT is the financial sustainability – especially for the secretariat. We can raise funds from other networks, and I think it will be a challenge for the next Governing Board to develop a system where we should become a self financing structure,” he says.

Dr Agrawal, Director of ACT member Churches’ Auxiliary for Social Action, was associated with ACT network beyond his period of serving as moderator in 2014 wherein he largely contributed in giving local actors and partners more space to raise their voices.