Our Story


At the stroke of midnight, on 15th August 1947 India awoke to freedom. The cost of this freedom was phenomenal in terms of loss of property and human lives as a consequence of partition. The exchange of population across borders forced millions to live in alien surroundings and subhuman conditions.

In this hour of agony and grief, the then government requested various institutions to initiate a response to minimize the sufferings. National Council of Churches in India responded by forming the ‘NCC Relief Committee’ as an expression of solidarity with the suffering masses, which later went on to become the Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA).

Though its initial focus was on providing immediate relief to victims of natural and human induced calamities, CASA has today grown into a premier relief and development organization in the country.

Its primary objective today is to strengthen the poor and promote the efforts of marginalized groups towards sustainable development leading to social justice and self-sufficiency. CASA carries out its interventions irrespective of religion, ethnic and caste.

CASA headquarters is located in New Delhi. It has three Zonal Offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, and has 38 sector offices in 20 states from where its country-wide programmes are implemented and monitored by more than 300 employees.

CASA has resource centres in almost every place of the country which helps in giving relief aid to the victims faster during disasters or emergencies.

We are operational in more than 10,500 villages with around 500 direct and indirect partner organisations. CASA raises its resources from national and international agencies.