Our Reach

Till date, CASA has 33 core programme areas which play an important role in facilitating peoples’ movement by promoting dialogues, discussions, collective action and required support in terms of knowledge, awareness and skills. The resource centres for PAT (People’s Action for Transformation) at various locations are a strategic people-centred approach towards empowerment.

CASA partners with communities, government, civil societies, corporations, academia and faith-based organisations to bring the necessary changes.

We are independently operational in 10,505 villages in 26 states and also support around 500 direct and indirect partner organisations.

At the grassroot level, CASA tackles the severity of structural poverty and inequality. Our programmes are currently active in the critical states of the country. We work with the most marginalised segments – Dalits, Tribals, Children, and Women.

CASA headquarters is located in New Delhi. It has three Zonal Offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, and has 38 sector offices in 20 states from where its country-wide programmes are implemented and monitored by more than 300 employees.