Maximizing Impact, Globally

CASA’s participation in events like these will give more visibility as a transparent and accountable charity organisation to international and national players.





By Joycia Thorat & Anita Kukreti
Project Officers | CASA Program Department

Routing as a vintage charity in 1947 to a dynamic charitable trust, CASA has started to grapple world’s attention with its effectual work. Having forged a vast network, it becomes essential for an organization like CASA to imprint its visible ground work on International and expedient platforms and make its presence felt in the influential funding space.

Competing in the forums is not intended only for rewards, but also for recognition and ensuing support.

CASA was nominated and shortlisted for the ‘Democracy Innovation Award’ in The World Forum for Democracy, held in France in November 2018 and had participated in one of its Innovation Labs on “What if she runs? Better representation through higher female participation in elections” in the context of the Women Democratic Leaders, represented by Mrs. Joycia Thorat, Project officer of the West Zone.

WFD is known for its unique debating-and-solving platform for major political decision makers and activists, and highlights the key challenges worldwide at grassroots level, providing innovative solutions.

CASA’s unique approach integrated towards women- centric issues was accentuated in the WFD’s gender equality themed platform, this year. The organization led gender inclusive initiatives were commended at the forum.

One of the other major international participations by CASA was bookmarked by CSR Summit participation in the USA. With the recent CSR regulations on profitable companies, there is a rise in the making of NGOs and amplification of interests in issues of literacy, women 

empowerment, sanitation, etc. CASA’s impact was benchmarked by appreciation of the organization’s projects by potential funders and corporate heads.

Participation in the global events like these has equipped the staff with the knowledge and tools to deal the country-level issues. Participation in such events helps to widen the network of alliances, benefactors, opportunities and hence, the significance and spirit of the organization’s work in the global arena.

For example, the experiences with global firms like the Act Alliance have provided the CASA staff with insights on global level policy development and decision making processes. CASA has sought accreditation for international, inter-governmental conferences like CoP for climate change and via this and other governmental associations, it has represented the concerns of the country, which could not be
earlier spotlighted on.