‘CASA is as old as the freedom of India’

CASA returns to its old project area Damal Asim village in Meghalaya’s West Garo Hills District where it implemented its development programme from 1986-2005 and in partnership programme from 2005-2015. A glance at how our interventions changed lives.

Sitting on the porch of his house, 87 year old Pardon B Marak remembers the time when he associated with CASA. Having crossed 50 years of age already at the time of his First Training with CASA in 1994, it was his zeal to do something for his people that worked as a fuel and ignited the fire within him. That training in Barapani near Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya changed his life completely.

Owing to his interest in developmental work he returned to Barapani as a trainee again in the year 1998. He utilised the knowledge gained in the lectures during his training. Laying down the developmental work brick by brick on the foundation of the theories taught to him, he helped the people of his hometown in West Garo Halls when he returned there as a leader .For years he held he served as a charismatic leader, fulfilling the responsibilities and benefiting others as much as he could. Later he also served as the Chairman for CASA in the area.

When asked about his contribution to the area he says, “I considered it to be my duty bound responsibility to impart the knowledge Ihad acquired among others of my community.” Often getting involved with people informally and advising people on livelihood projects and how they can take CASA’s help for the same. He helped many around him improve their economic status through developmental projects.

Talking about CASA, Marak fondly remembers that as our first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, took over him the onus of uplifting the poor so did CASA. He says,“ CASA is as old as the freedom of India”. It has had an active role in the lives of the people. It is an old friend of the people and will be serving them in years to come too.