Recurrent Assam Floods: Urgent Need For Help

The second wave of flash floods in August halted Assam affecting over one lakh people with many taking refuge in relief camps. As many as 46 people lost their lives to the recurrent floods. The worst affected is Golaghat district in which 81,269 people remain in the dire need for relief assistance such as dry food, drinking water, shelter and sanitation materials. Worry continues to hover over Assam as the flooding is likely to worsen in coming days with persistent rainfall. CASA India is planning to provide relief to the affected people and your support will help us reach out to many more affected victims.

Food, Shelter and safe drinking water is immediate requirement. 

A large number of people, worst affected among them women and children, are in dearth of proper shelter and food. They have to sleep under the open sky. Water-logging and open defecation have caused widespread diseases like typhoid, cholera and pneumonia among the infants. In lack of proper sanitation, people are getting prone to skin diseases.

Exponential increase in mosquito breeding further risks spread of malaria and dengue. To counter the increase of mosquitoes there is an instant need of water treatment and fumigation.

Most of the people are consuming non treated water. There is a need of chlorinated water and dry food which will help the affected people survive the harsh conditions for weeks. Adolescent girls and women are especially prone to vulnerable health conditions due to lack of toilets and menstrual hygiene.