A vision for ‘Swachh’ India

Artists and street performers comprising CASA volunteers from Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh gave away nukkad nataks and other shows propagating the importance of proper sanitation and hygienic practices in the country on Clean India Day, marked on October 2 to commemorate birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi who believed that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.


CASA participated in NDTV-Dettol Cleanathon initiative on October 2 at Purani Delhi.

The duty to clean our country starts with us, the citizens. CASA has been and will always be a part of Clean India campaign against unhygienic practices like defecation in open and littering on streets.

The plays reflected how people in the rural areas casually prefer defecating in the open which can lead to environment and health hazards, specially for women and children.

The CASA volunteers also dramatized habits of not washing hands before and after every meal which can cause various diseases. It not just the person who suffers with the disease but the entire family is affected with the outcome.

Artists from Bhopal said that they came to Purani Delhi to propagate how they have succeeded in keeping their villages clean with simple and clean habits inculcated by the community members.

“The initiative taken by the government, NDTV and CASA on the cleanliness campaign is small step to a big change. I hope people are encouraged when they see us perform on these vital issues which are essential for a better and clean living,” one of the artists said.